Kids Eye Test in Grays

Eye test for children Grays

Here at Belson and Sons Opticians, we understand the importance of a child's vision, and how it benefits the child's development as they progress through their school years.

At Belson and Sons Opticians, we offer a professional eye test for children Grays service, which aims to give the child they best possible chance at securing their future that we can.

We have the child undergo a series of ocular tests that aim to identify any issues with their vision that they may be experiencing. From the tests we then move forward into discovering how we can solve these issues.

Our eye test for children Grays service is tailored to make your child feel as comfortable as possible, as we know that their first eye test can be a daunting experience. We try to make the child's eye examination go as quickly as possible, whilst also being exceptionally thorough.

Eye test for 4 year old Grays

The age of 4 is a very important moment in a child's life, as that is when they’re expected to join a big school on their own. This can be a daunting experience for them, so as a parent, you’ll want everything to go as perfectly and as smoothly as possible.

At Belson and Sons Opticians, we are able to help your 4 year old go to school fully prepared for the day ahead with the glasses they need. All you need to do is bring them into our Belson and Sons Grays branch, and you won’t have to worry about your child falling behind in school again.

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childrens eye test grays

more than just a sight test

A visit to the opticians begins with an appointment to see
one of the optometrists for a Standard Eye Examination.

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We provide a sympathetic service to small children (including infants — we are happy to see children at any age), the elderly and those with special educational needs. We provide a Domiciliary (Home Visit) Eye Examination Service under contract to the NHS for patients who are unable to attend one of our practices without substantial assistance.

In addition to our Standard Eye Examination, we offer a number of additional services.

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