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William Morris Glasses Essex & London

William Morris Glasses Essex & London

William Morris - A Very British Brand

The British glasses scene was for decades dominated by foreign designers. But that all changed when an entrepreneur named Robert Morris decided that he was going to set up his own spectacle-making business in 1996. From that point on William Morris frames were born.

The aim of William Morris men's glasses and William Morris women's glasses was to create a set of products that would appeal to practically every audience, regardless of background. Morris saw that there was an enormous demand for quality glasses, but that some of the traditional designer names were not catering to the sensibilities of the British market. People didn't want flamboyance: just something stylish and elegant that they could wear every day.

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The early days of William Morris were humble, and the company only sold a few thousand units. But over time, as the reputation of the brand grew, the company morphed into something much larger and more ambitious. Before long, William Morris was a global distributor of lenses and frames.

The William Morris Philosophy

William Morris was always a family firm and will continue to be so as long as it's founder remains in control. It's that "family" element which the company attributes to its success. Personalised, customised service is what customers want and is what sets William Morris apart from other firms in the space.

William Morris pours its experience and knowledge into all its frames, learning throughout the entire process. It's a brand with passionate leadership at the helm.

William Morris Glasses Essex & London

William Morris Glasses Essex & London

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