Ray-Ban Glasses Essex & London

Ray Ban Glasses Essex & London

Ray-Ban is an American sunglasses and eyeglasses company founded in 1936 by the American conglomerate Bausch and Lomb. Since then, the company has made a name for itself selling “aviator” style sunglasses, giving the brand a unique style.

The History of Ray Ban

In 1929, Air Corps Colonel John Macready began thinking about whether there was a way to protect his pilot’s eyes from the glare of the sun. Pilots were finding it difficult to focus on targets in the air and the ground because of the dazzling brightness of the high atmosphere.

The Colonel, who worked with Bausch and Lomb, approached the medical manufacturer with an idea: create aviation sunglasses that would reduce distraction for his pilots.

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Popular Models

The first “sunglasses” were developed by the company in 1936 and used a special green filter to reduce the dazzling blue of the sky.

Over subsequent years, the firm began to sell Ray-Ban glasses for women and Ray-Ban glasses for men to the general public, who loved the unique military aesthetic. Even to this day, Ray-Ban sunglasses hold true to the design of those early prototypes, giving them a distinctive aviation feel.

The most popular of all Ray-Ban frames are the Wayfarer and the Aviator. The aviator is the style that General Douglas MacArthur wore during the Second World War. Ray-Ban released a “General” line of glasses as a homage to the legacy of this great general.

If you like military styling, Ray-Ban glasses are an excellent choice.

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Ray-Ban Designer Glasses Essex & London

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