Ralph Lauren Glasses Essex & London

Ralph Lauren Glasses Essex & London

Ralph Lauren first burst onto the fashion scene in the late 1960s. Over recent decades, the brand has increasingly focused on creating world-beating glasses for both men and women, offering a combination of style and function.

Ralph Lauren Eyewear

Ralph Lauren frames, no matter the design, offer both a timeless style with modern appeal. Ralph Lauren prescription glasses are not showy like you might expect but casually refined. The glasses look great, but they don’t attempt to make a loud statement. At Ralph Lauren, the aim is to be subtle with simple metal detailing and chunky frames.

Choose From A Range Of Styles

Ralph Lauren for men offers a range of exciting styles, from vintage to glamorous. Every item is carefully crafted to reflect the personality of the wearer, helping to complement your aesthetic, whatever that might happen to be.

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Ralph Lauren glasses for women are both elegant and simple in shape. Again, the designers have focused on creating something that makes a subtle statement. Women are free to choose a style which complements their overall look or choose different frames for different occasions.

How Ralph Lauren Got Started

Ralph Lauren founded his clothing business in 1967. The first collection, Polo Ralph Lauren, became the official outfit for Wimbledon. Not satisfied with just one victory, Ralph Lauren expanded into other areas, including glasses, establishing his firm as a giant of the American fashion industry, breaking the Italian monopoly on high fashion in the process.

Today Ralph Lauren glasses are made to the same high standards as his original clothing, using the finest materials and best designs.

Ralph Lauren Glasses Essex & London

Ralph Lauren Designer Glasses Essex & London

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