Police Glasses Essex & London

Police Glasses Essex & London

Police - An International Brand

Police might be a famous brand in its own right, but it’s owned by a giant Italian designer and is part of a family of related brands, each designed to appeal to a different audience.

The parent company De Rigo Group and launched Police in 1983 as a unisex eyewear brand. The purpose of the brand was to break the rules and ensure that the wearers got noticed wherever they went. Police glasses were a fashion statement.

Police Has Excellent Brand Ambassadors

Police men’s glasses have a large number of high-profile brand ambassadors, including George Clooney, Antonio Banderas and David Beckham who have all been caught wearing them in public. Police glasses women’s glasses are equally popular, and an essential part of the brand’s portfolio.

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When the Police brand first started out, the aim was to get a foothold in the glasses market. The focus in the 1980s was on getting noticed - something which the De Rigo Group certainly achieved. Today the brand has a cult status and is especially appealing to young rebels who want to fight the establishment. No other brand allows people to express themselves in quite the way that Police does.

Police was an explicitly international brand, designed to appeal to audiences throughout Europe and North America. The De Rigo Group now offers Police glasses in more than 80 countries worldwide, including the UK. Its products are made to the same high quality as they were when the brand first launched, nearly forty years ago.

Police Glasses Essex & London

Police Designer Glasses Essex & London

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