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If your child is consistently underachieving in the area of reading and spelling, complains of words “jumping around” or moving on the page, or has problems with concentration at school (especially with respect to literacy), then there may be grounds to wonder whether he or she has dyslexia.

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Visual Dyslexia Test Essex

Although aimed primarily at children, the tests described here may also be of benefit to adults who experience symptoms of moving / flickering / shimmering text while reading (a.k.a. "visual stress").

At our Witham, Pitsea, and Corringham practices we have the facility to conduct a computer-based "Colour Screener Xpert" * Assessment. This can reveal whether benefit might be gained from the use of a Coloured Overlay or specially tinted "ReadEZ" spectacle lenses for reading etc.

*To book a visual stress test please call as they cannot be made online.

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Colour Deficiency Advice For Parents
Colour Screener Xpert / ReadEZ Information

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* developed by Professor David Thomson and his colleagues at The City University

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In addition to our Standard Eye Examination, we offer a number of additional services.

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