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If you are interested in wearing contact lenses, we will offer you an appointment for a consultation/fitting. This will usually be longer than a routine appointment, as the optometrist will want to discuss with you which types of contact lens would be most likely to suit your needs.

The optometrist will then take a series of measurements, carry out further checks on your

what happens next?

You will usually be asked to wear the contact lenses outside the practice for a while, and then to return so that they can be assessed further, and so that your reactions to them can be discussed.

You will then be shown how to insert and remove the lenses and how to look after them.

contact lens fitting essex

Types of Contact Lenses

soft lens

These are usually replaced on a daily, two-weekly or monthly basis. They are comfortable almost instantly from the first time you wear them, and you can change between contact lenses and glasses as much as you want.

types of contact lens

Daily disposables

the benefits
  • Do not require contact lens solutions
  • Very convenient form of lens
  • Useful as an occasional or "holiday" alternative for patients who wear fortnightly or monthly replacement lenses
  • A cost-effective choice if you are only going to be wearing lenses occasionally or less than 4 times per week
daily disposable lens essex

Fortnightly or monthly replacement lenses

the benefits
  • Worn daily for the appropriate period and then discarded
  • Must be removed every night and cleaned appropriately during that period
  • Usually supplied in three or six-month packs together with the recommended solutions for the particular lens type

Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses

the benefits
  • As the name suggests, these are rigid lenses similar to the older type of hard lens, but made of high-tech polymerised plastics
  • Give excellent comfort and stability of vision
  • Although initially not as comfortable as soft lenses, and take longer to get used to (up to about two weeks is usual), after the initial settling period they are just as comfortable as soft lenses
  • Are often a good alternative to soft disposables, as they are often more cost-effective, especially in cases of difficult prescriptions
  • Complex cases such as very short-sighted eyes also often achieve much better, more stable vision with Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses than with soft. The optometrist will advise you if these lenses are more suitable for you

Contact lenses for

(also called Toric Lenses) and bifocal contact lenses

Many patients have been told that they are not suitable for contact lenses because they need bifocal spectacles or because of astigmatism, a common condition in which the eye is more curved in one direction than the other.

In fact, almost all levels of astigmatism can be fitted with contact lenses given the appropriate level of skill and expertise, along with access to all manufacturers' products.

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We provide a sympathetic service to small children (including infants — we are happy to see children at any age), the elderly and those with special educational needs. We provide a Domiciliary (Home Visit) Eye Examination Service under contract to the NHS for patients who are unable to attend one of our practices without substantial assistance.

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