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Dyslexia/ Specific Learning Difficulty Assessment

If your child is consistently underachieving in the area of reading and spelling, complains of words “jumping around” or moving on the page, or has problems with concentration at school (especially with respect to literacy lessons), then you may wish to consider whether s/he is dyslexic.

Achieving a definite diagnosis of dyslexia is often difficult, and the facility we offer for patients suffering from literacy problems may assist in clarifying the situation and offering some therapy.

This is a series of advanced tests carried out to investigate possible problems such as Dyslexia and related conditions. It is usually carried out on children, but adults are also welcome to be assessed, and can often benefit from the treatments we offer.

It will include a very thorough interview with the patient and their parents to investigate the background to the problems, a full medical history, and a discussion about what educational facilities are currently in place (Individual Education Plan, School Action Plus, etc).

There will generally be an assessment of the child's reading abilities, using traditional "Reading Age" type tests, and tests to measure the speed of reading.

This will be followed by a series of tests which would not normally be carried in a standard eye examination or sight test, including tests of eye tracking, and an assessment with a Colorimeter to see if the patient would benefit from coloured overlays or glasses. These can then be prescribed as necessary, or the patient may need other help such as prismatic glasses or eye exercises.

These tests can be very helpful for children who are struggling at school, and the results can be provided in a report which can assist in obtaining a Statement of Special Educational Needs.